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+ Brand Development

A brand is not just a logo. Branding consists of different layers – a story about what customers need and how the business will provide it. A brand promise – the thing that enables customers to be a better version of themselves. Brand values will make a difference to customers and investors, it’s what is relevant to them and what’s different to competitors. And finally, your name, look and feel – the voice and visual language that is associated with your business/product. Last but not least, the maintenance of a brand is vital and consistency is key. Your brand strategy must align with the business activities otherwise integrity and credibility will suffer.

Some applications to build a strong brand are logo design, stationery, print collateral and promotional campaigns – both digital and analogue, packaging, the development of a visual language including graphic elements and distinct photography and web design, to name a few.

+ Packaging Design

From FMCG, luxury packaging to corporate or seasonal gift wrapping and stationery for retail stores

+ Graphic and Editorial Design

Publications such as magazines for external/internal communication for customers/staff, product brochures and trade show image catalogues, property development proposals, books and newspapers.

+ Visual language

Images speak louder than words. A strong visual identity is vital for a brand’s personality and instrumental in executing creative campaigns. It’s a highly effective medium that can be used in many different ways to showcase and explain products, values and details. It can help in setting the right mood or make your product look sophisticated or savvy – depending on your brand story. Using stock photography is possible but will most likely limit the effectiveness of any brand exercise – you can’t beat good unique photography that nobody else can use.

+ Digital

Like everything else, a brand’s online presence is coherent to the brand strategy. A website’s or App’s flow and structure will guide the user to get to the information as easy as possible and without any disruption. Take your customer on a journey with you, no matter if it begins analogue or online, keep it consistent and easy to navigate. No matter if online presence or e-commerce, social media or an app, considering the user experience is key and will inform the interface design to create functional, beautiful mediums. I work in cooperation with a network of professional programmers and developers for the build of mentioned websites and apps.

+ Copywriting

I work with a network of amazing wordsmiths to create meaningful context and copy. Even though I might be able to find the right words but I can identify, when I see them.

Some projects demand a larger crew of creatives and I’m happy to know a bunch of the best that will help to create meaningful work.